Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top Five Ways to stay out of a beauty rut when you are a Stay at Home Mom

1.       Getting my hair done. Seems like no matter how grungy I’ve been, when I go get my hair done I always seem to take a little more time on myself.
2.       Pick at least three days a week to put on jeans and do something with myself. This may sound absurd to some people but, for me this was sometimes a stretch. It’s so easy to just throw on sweat pants, put my hair in a pony and not even think about makeup. I feel so sorry for my husbandJ
3.       Ask a friendly beauty consultant for some samples. Always nice to try new things and venture outside your basic makeup routine.
4.       Buy some new shoes. Ok so this is a little silly but when I have new shoes I really want to wear I find a reason to wear them. Don’t spend a lot of money. I like to get shoes from Target or even ebay.
5.        HAVE A SPA DAY!! My girls love getting to participate in my spa days. I paint their nails and braid their hair. They LOVE it!! As for me I do the following:
a.       Hair Mask
b.      Give yourself a mani/pedi
c.       Have your kids put lotion on your back….this counts as a mini massageJ
d.      Whiten Teeth
e.      Facial
Good Luck in finding your own special ways to keeping your beauty routine fun and exciting!!