Friday, January 21, 2011

Adventures in Motherhood

It funny when you hear people say, "You just learn to handle the situation you are in." Well I never thought that was true till I had my two girls 11 months apart. I tell ya what just going to the grocery store was a nightmare. I hated the thought of leaving the house for even an hour. Thankfully I finally learned little tricks that helped me though those times. I would make a list ahead of time and STICK TO IT!!! I would map out my attack and literally run through the store. When they got a little older we played games in the store. Yet the best is a little incentive. Yet some parents don't think you have to give something to get something....I'm all for it!!! In my mind, it's a simple as cause and effect. "If you're good, you'll get to do 'whatever'". Since having my girls I've been brave enough to add another child to our family. Little Eddie aka Jaxon blessed our lives in May of 2010. I'm soooo happy that he is a fantastic baby. Well all except he is 8 months old and still not sleeping all night, but I'll save that topic for another blog post. I've had Moms of all ages ask me how I did it and all I say is THE DAYS ARE LONG AND THE YEARS ARE SHORT. I can't believe how fast all the kids are growing up. Take advantage of every moment with your kids cause before you know it they'll be on to the next stage in life.